Vascular Diagnosis with Ultrasound

The critically acclaimed Vascular Diagnosis of Ultrasound returns in a new two-volume second edition, offering the most comprehensive information available on the broad spectrum of vascular ultrasound applications. Volume 1:Cerebral and Peripheral Vessels retains the accessible design and structure of the first edition to discuss the available ultrasound technologies, including continuous and pulsed-wave Doppler mode, b-mode, and conventional and color-coded duplex analysis in frequency and amplitude power modes. This text covers anatomy, physiology, normal and abnormal findings, test accuracy and sensitivity, providing the reader with the information essential to managing common clinical situations.


Provides comprehensive coverage of vascular ultrasonography in the arteries and veins of the cerebral circulation and the peripheral upper and lower limb circulation

Compares other diagnostic methods used in each region, such as conventional and noninvasive MR angiography

Assesses recent developments in ultrasound technology, including tissue perfusion studies, 3D and 4D imaging, contrast enhancement and microbubble applications, and their diagnostic, technological, and therapeutic implications

Features new challenging case studies for both the novice and the expert to review

With contributions from experts in the field and more than 500 line drawings and images, this text is an indispensable reference for radiologists, vascular surgeons, and residents and students in these specialties.

Dettagli Articolo

Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Hennerici, Neuerburg-Heusler
Sottotitolo: Clinical Reference with Case Studies
Vol. 1: Cerebral and Peripheral Vessels
Pubblicato: 2006, 2nd edition, 380 pp, 49 tables, 532 illustrations, hardcover
Casa Editrice: Thieme
ISBN: 9781588901446

Prezzo Scontato: € 139.00

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