Surgical Anatomy of the Hand

As hand surgery consists largely of applied anatomy, collaboration between anatomists and clinicians is essential to developing an anatomic understanding of the hand for clinical use. This outstanding new guide, co-written by an anatomist and a hand surgeon, provides the most up-to-date knowledge of normal anatomy, anatomic variants, and biomechanics. Anatomy is a highly visual discipline; therefore, exquisite, high-quality drawings are used to emphasize key features.

Surgical Anatomy of the Hand covers everything from lymph vessels, carpal bones, and wrist joints to vascular structures, muscles, and tendons. This is the book that bridges the gap between introductory texts and highly specialized anatomic references on this complex subject. It is indispensable for all professionals who need to keep up with new surgical techniques as well as nonsurgical treatment of injured, diseased, or congenitally deformed hands.

Here is the complete reference that hand surgeons, orthopaedists, plastic surgeons, anatomists, and residents need to expand their knowledge of the hand, upgrade their surgical technique, and optimize patient care. Order this essential anatomic guide today!

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Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Schmidt, Lanz
Pubblicato: 2004, 267 pp, 4 tables, 236 illustrations
Casa Editrice: Thieme
ISBN: 9781588900074

Prezzo Scontato: € 159.00

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