Skin Flaps in Facial Surgery

This practical, all-encompassing sourcebook demystifies the planning and execution of flaps for anyone performing facial surgery. Written by leading facial surgery experts, the book starts with an introductory chapter that highlights the basic principles common to all flaps. Next, you'll get an in-depth look at flap physiology and random flap patterns, such as advancement and rotation flaps… split- and full-thickness grafts… the repair of eyelids, ears, and lips… the replacement of nasal lining and support… and free flaps.

The high-yield coverage features multiple options for any procedure, and is supported by a quick-access format that features lines and arrows superimposed on full-color patient photos-a convenient tool that helps you visualize the design and movement of flaps.

FeaturesA step-by-step, technique-driven presentation that deepens your understanding of facial surgery involving flaps

A skill-building presentation of multiple close options-including the pros and cons of each
A graphic outline of each flap, accompanied by patient photos that include superimposed lines and arrows showing how the flap is designed
Highly instructive, up-to-date chapters on random pattern flaps: advancement, rotation, transposition, and interpolation flaps
Important coverage of split- and full-thickness grafts
Unique single-chapter coverage of the retracted eyelid repair and ectropion
Approximately 500 full-color photographs throughout
And much more!

Dettagli Articolo

Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Buchen D.
Pubblicato: December 2006 Hardback, 300 pages
Casa Editrice: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 007145943X
Sommario: Skin Flaps in Facial Surgery
1 Flap Principles
2 Flap Physiology
3 Advancement Flaps
4 Rotation
5 Transposition
6 Interpolation
7 Full Thickness Skin Grafts
8 Eyelid Reconstruction
9 Cicatricial Ectropion and Retraction after Eyelid Reconstruction: Prevention and Management
10 Auricular Reconstruction
11 Lip Reconstruction
12 Split Thickness Skin Grafts
13 Nasal Lining and Suport
14 Free Tissue Transfer in the Reconstruction of Composite Facial Defects

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