Rapid Diagnosis in Ophthalmology

Minimize diagnostic errors...maximize your productivity! Each title in the new Rapid Diagnosis in Ophthalmology series presents full-color images – with differential diagnoses – in side-by-side page layouts to enhance your diagnostic skills. A templated format expedites access to the specific guidance you need to diagnose the most common conditions – from simple to complex – encountered in practice.


Coverage of the key features, diagnostic criteria, and treatment options for Graves Disease, blepharoplasty, fractures, and eyelid tumors equips you with the latest guidance.
Hundreds of full-color images present conditions as they present in real life.
Common diagnostic pitfalls discuss what to look out for when making a difficult diagnosis.
A templated, color-coded layout and differential diagnosis boxes for each condition help you make quick, accurate clinical decisions.
A focus on the most common conditions encountered in practice allows you to efficiently formulate treatment plans and referrals.

Dettagli Articolo

Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Nerad Jeffrey A., Carter Keth D., Alford Mark
Sottotitolo: Series: Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Pubblicato: Dic. 2007, Paperback · 288 Pages · 298 Illustrations
Casa Editrice: Mosby
ISBN: 0323053866
Sommario: Series foreword
1. Disorders of the eyelid: congenital
Congenital myogenic ptosis Epiblepharon Blepharophimosis syndrome Distichiasis Eyelid coloboma
2. Disorders of the eyelid: inflammations
Blepharitis Chalazion and hordeolum Floppy eyelid syndrome Seborrheic keratosis Epidermal inclusion cyst Xanthelasma Nevus Actinic keratosis Keratoacanthoma Lentigo maligna Basal cell carcinoma Squamous cell carcinoma Sebaceous adenocarcinoma Cutaneous melanoma
3. Disorders of the eyelid: eyelid trauma
Eyelid laceration involving the margin Eyelid laceration involving the canaliculus
4. Disorders of the eyelid: involutional changes
Brow ptosis Upper eyelid dermatochalasis Lower eyelid involutional changes Ectropion: involutional Ectropion: paralytic Ectropion: cicatricial Entropion: involutional Entropion: cicatricial Trichiasis: marginal entropion and other causes
5. Disorders of the eyelid: blepharoptosis and eyelid retraction
Acquired involutional ptosis Ptosis due to third nerve palsy Horner syndrome Myasthenia gravis Pseudoptosis Eyelid retraction Essential blepharospasm Hemifacial spasm Facial nerve palsy Aberrant regeneration of the facial nerve
6. Disorders of the lacrimal system: congenital obstruction
Congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction Dacryocystocele z
7. Disorders of the lacrimal system: acquired causes of epiphora
Canalicular trauma Canaliculitis Dacryocystitis
8. Disorders of the orbit: orbital imaging
CT scan of the orbit MRI of the orbit
9. Disorders of the orbit: infections
Preseptal cellulitis Bacterial orbital cellulitis Fungal orbital cellulitis Necrotizing fasciitis
10. Disorders of the orbit: inflammations
Thyroid orbitopathy Idiopathic orbital inflammation Sarcoidosis Wegener granulomatosis
11. Disorders of the orbit: neoplasms
Dermoid cyst Lipodermoid Capillary hemangioma Cavernous hemangioma Lymphangioma Optic nerve glioma Neurofibroma Optic nerve meningioma Sphenoid wing meningioma Rhabdomyosarcoma Lymphoproliferative disorders Benign mixed tumor of the lacrimal gland Adenoid cystic carcinoma of the lacrimal gland Pediatric metastatic orbital disease Metastatic orbital disease in adults
12. Disorders of the orbit: vascular abnormalities
Arteriovenous fistula Orbital varix
13. Disorders of the orbit: trauma
Traumatic optic neuropathy Blowout fracture Zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture LeFort fracture Intraorbital foreign body Orbital hemorrhage
14. Disorders of the orbit: anophthalmic socket
Enucleation, evisceration, and exenteration Care and complications of the anophthalmic socket

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