Operative Strategies in breast plastic surgery

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Autore: Berrino, Lejour
Pubblicato: 2007, Finitura: Rilegato, Pagine: 437
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Sommario: Contents: 1.Reconstruction after mastectomy: final goals 2.The approach to the Post-Mastectomy patient: the first consultation 3.The approach to the patient: the selection of the reconstructive 4.Abdominal flap reconstruction: preoperative planning 5.Surgical procedures for abdominal flap transfer 6.Complications after abdominal flap transfer 7.Secondary stages after abdominal flap transfer 8.Secondary reconstruction using the abdominal flap 9.Bilateral reconstruction using the abdomial flap 10.Results after abdominal flap transfer 12.Reconstruction using implants: associated procedures 13.Complications and untoward results after reconstruction 14.Breast reconstruction after conservative cancer surgery 15.Reconstructione of chest-wall defects after radiation therapy 16.Breast reduction and reshaping: general concepts 17.Breast reshaping and minor reduction in ptotic breasts 18.Reduction in medium to large size hypertrophies 19.Reduction in extreme hypertrophies 20.Controlateral reduction or reshaping in patients with breast reconstruction 21.Errors in breast reductions 22.Breast augmentation 23.Surgical procedures for breast augmentation 24.Special problems in breast augmentation 25.Errors in breast augmentation 26.Secondary breast augmentation 27.Breast assymmetries 28.Poland syndrome

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