Musculoskeletal Imaging

This concise, practical resource covers all of today?s need-to-know information in musculoskeletal an exceptionally user-friendly format. Because it?s so compact, clinically oriented, and easy to read, this new volume in the Requisites series is an ideal study tool as well as a convenient reference for practice.

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Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Manaster B.J. - May D.A. - Disler D.G.
Sottotitolo: The Requisites
Pubblicato: NOV-2006 3rd Ed Hardbound, 736 pages
Casa Editrice: Elsevier - Mosby
ISBN: 0-323-04361-5
Sommario: 1. Tumors
2. Arthritis
3. Trauma
4. Metabolic
5. Congenital & Developmental Skeletal Conditions
6. Miscellaneous, Including Hematogenous Disorders and Infection
7. How I Do It---NEW CHAPTER!
a) Arthrograms & Injections, by joint (BJM)
b) Biopsy, soft tissue & bone (BJM)
c) Vertebroplasty (DD0)
d) Epidurals and other spine injections (DM)
e) Ablation (DD)
f) MRI w/ hardware (DD)
g) CT w/ hardware (DM)
Appendix 1: Arthrography Technique
Appendix 2: Sonography of the Infant Hip: Technique
Appendix 3: Fractures w/ Eponyms

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