Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography publishes original articles, reports, and studies that describe the latest clinical and research developments in computer-based diagnostic imaging. Each issue of this journal contains as many as 20 original articles on a wide range of pathologic conditions. The case reports published in Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography impart the valuable clinical experience of leading radiologists as unusual, noteworthy, and illuminating cases are examined. The superbly reproduced clinical images found in this publication highlight unique clinical and imaging findings, the challenging diagnostic dilemmas that they pose, and their ultimate resolution.

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Tipologia: Periodico
Autore: Elster A.D. MD, Vining D.J. MD
Sottotitolo: A Radiological Journal Dedicated to the Basic and Clinical Aspects of Reconstructive Tomography
Casa Editrice: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISSN: 0363-8715
Periodicità: Mensile

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