The International Journal of Psychology (IJP) is the journal of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) and is published under the auspices of the Union. IJP seeks to support the IUPsyS in fostering the development of international psychological science. It aims to strengthen the dialog within psychology around the world and to facilitate communication among different areas of psychology and among psychologists from different cultural backgrounds. IJP is the outlet for empirical basic and applied studies and for reviews that either (a) incorporate perspectives from different areas or domains within psychology or across different disciplines, (b) test the culture-dependent validity of psychological theories, or (c) integrate literature from different regions in the world. IJP does not publish technical articles, validations of questionnaires and tests, or clinical case studies.

Regular issues include two types of articles: empirical articles and review articles. Empirical articles report data from single or multiple studies in one of the major fields of scientific psychology. Review articles provide overviews of the international literature on a particular topic; authors are especially encouraged to include in their review relevant publications from regions of the world not typically cited and/or not published in English. Special topical issues or sections are also published two or three times a year. All articles include a detailed abstract in English, French and Spanish.

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