Fibromyalgia and Other Central Pain Syndromes

This volume is the first comprehensive text devoted to fibromyalgia and other centrally mediated chronic pain syndromes. Leading experts examine the latest research findings on these syndromes and present evidence-based reviews of current controversies.

Chapters discuss the definition, epidemiology, and pathophysiology of chronic pain and fibromyalgia, the clinical presentations of fibromyalgia syndrome, and central sensitization syndromes associated with chronic neuromuscular pain. The contributors thoroughly examine various approaches to evaluation and management of patients with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Other chapters focus on disability issues, prognosis, and future research directions. A critically reviewed listing of Websites and other resources is included.

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Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Wallace D.J. MD, Clauw D.J. MD
Sottotitolo: Hardbound
Pubblicato: 2005, Pages: 432, Illustrations: 45, Trim Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Casa Editrice: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 0-7817-5261-2
Sommario: The History of Fibromyalgia 1
Daniel J. Wallace
The Taxonomy of Chronic Pain: Moving
Toward More Mechanistic Classifications 9
Daniel J. Clauw
The Epidemiology of Chronic Widespread
Pain and Fibromyalgia 17
John McBeth
The Concept of Central Sensitivity
Syndromes 29
Muhammad B. Yunus
The Neurobiology of Chronic
Musculoskeletal Pain (Includes Chronic
Regional Pain) 45
Roland Staud
Neurotransmitters, Cytokines, Hormones,
and the Immune System in Chronic
Nonneuropathic Pain 63
I. Jon Russell
Dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous
System in Chronic Pain Syndromes 81
Manuel Martinez-Lavin
Functional Imaging of Pain 89
Richard H. Gracely and Laurence A. Bradley
Muscles and Peripheral Abnormalities
in Fibromyalgia 101
Haiko Sprott
Sleep and Its Potential Role in Chronic
Pain and Fatigue 115
Harvey Moldofsky and James G. MacFarlane
Symptoms and Signs of Fibromyalgia
Syndrome: An Overview 125
Muhammad B. Yunus
Neurologic Features of Fibromyalgia 133
Robert Bennett
Myofascial Pain Syndromes
of the Head and Face 145
Eli Eliav and Rafael Benoliel
Psychosocial Factors in Fibromyalgia 165
Laurence A. Bradley and Graciela S. Alarcón
Fibromyalgia in Children 177
David D. Sherry
Fibromyalgia in Inflammatory
and Endocrine Disorders 187
David S. Hallegua
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 197
Atul Deodhar
The Functional Bowel Disorder Spectrum 209
Lucinda A. Harris and Lin Chang
Genitourinary Associations
with Fibromyalgia 235
Daniel J. Wallace and Swamy Venuturupalli
Chronic Low Back Pain 241
Thorsten Giesecke and Michael E. Geisser
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome 259
Franklin Kozin
The Role of Trauma in Chronic
Neuromuscular Pain 267
Samuel A. McLean, Daniel J. Clauw,
and David A. Williams
Controversial Syndromes and Their
Relationship to Fibromyalgia 281
Swamy Venuturupalli and Daniel J. Wallace
The Evaluation of Individuals
with Chronic Widespread Pain 293
Daniel J. Clauw
The Differential Diagnosis of Chronic
Regional Pain 299
Kevin P. White
Assessment Tools and Outcome Measures
Used in the Investigation of Fibromyalgia 309
Stuart L. Silverman and Susan A. Martin
Lifestyle and Environmental Interventions
in Fibromyalgia and Related Conditions 321
Stephanie A. Bolling and Thomas M. Susko
The Use of Exercise and Rehabilitation
Regimens 329
Kaisa Mannerkorpi and Maura Daly Iversen
Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches
to Chronic Pain 343
David A. Williams
Local Therapy for Fibromyalgia and
Nonneuropathic Pain 353
Lan Chen, Jodi Goldman-Knaub, and Sally Pullman-Mooar
Systemic Therapies for Chronic Pain 365
Lesley M. Arnold
Complementary and Alternative
Medicine for Fibromyalgia 389
Edzard Ernst
The Economic Impact of Fibromyalgia
on Society and Disability Issues 395
Daniel J. Wallace
Prognosis 401
Arash A. Horizon and Michael H. Weisman
Future Research Directions 405
Leslie J. Crofford
Appendix 413
Index 417

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