Enzinger and Weiss’s Soft Tissue Tumors with CD-ROM

Here's your ideal reference on the diagnosis of tumors of the skeletal muscles, connective tissue, fat, and related structures. No other textbook matches its scope and depth of coverage in this complex and challenging area of surgical pathology, and no other text contains as much practical information on differential diagnosis. Throughout, microscopic findings are correlated with the latest developments in molecular biology, cytogenetics, and immunohistochemistry to provide you with a comprehensive and integrated approach to evaluation and diagnosis. Almost 2,000 superb illustrations capture the appearance of a complete range of entities and help relate these to their specific classifications. The result is an essential resource for all who diagnose and treat soft tissue tumors.


"As the leading textbook on soft part tumors, it belongs in the core library of all pathologists, and on the essential short list of books in surgical pathology sign-out rooms." - Modern Pathology

"This comprehensive, clearly written, richly and artfully illustrated text should be in the personal library of physicians who care for patients with soft-tissue tumors." - The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery

Key Features

Get all the assistance you need, in one reference, to effectively diagnose these often complex and challenging entities.
Confirm your diagnostic suspicions by comparing your findings to nearly 2,000 full-color, high-quality illustrations representing the complete range of soft tissue tumors.
Access all of the essential clinical and prognostic data necessary to formulate complete sign-out reports.
Make optimal use of relevant ancillary techniques such as immunohistochemistry and cytogenetics.
Make rapid and effective decisions with the aid of extensive algorithms, and access information at a glance with abundant tables and graphs.
Solve difficult diagnostic dilemmas and avoid pitfalls with a special emphasis on overcoming these challenges.
Find answers quickly thanks to a new color-coded page design as well as a consistent approach to every entity.

New to this Edition

Download all of the illustrations from the book for use in electronic presentations with the new bonus CD-ROM.
Apply the latest knowledge on FNA biopsy, molecular biology, and cytogenetics.
Understand complex molecular events more fully thanks to new conceptual line drawings.
Easily distinguish between entities that have a similar appearance with the assistance of new tables that correlate histologic, immunohistochemical, and molecular biologic findings.
Navigate through the book quickly thanks to new summary outlines at the beginning of each chapter.

Dettagli Articolo

Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Weiss Sharon W., MD and Goldblum John R.
Pubblicato: 2008, 5th Edition, 1268 pages 1940 ills
Trim size 216 X 279 mm, Hardcover
Casa Editrice: Mosby
ISBN: 978-0-323-04628-2
Sommario: 1. General considerations
2. Clinical evaluation and treatment of soft tissue tumors
3. Radiologic evaluation of soft tissue tumors
4. Molecular genetics and cytogenetic analysis of soft tissue tumors (TBC)
5. Fine needle aspiration biopsies of soft tissue tumors
6. Approach to the diagnosis of soft tissue tumors
7. Immunohistochemistry for analysis of soft tissue tumors
8. Benign fibroblastic/myoblastic proliferations
9. Fibromatoses
10. Fibrous tumors of infancy and childhood
11. Fibrosarcoma
12. Benign fibrohistiocytic tumors
13. Fibrohistiocytic tumors of intermediate malignancy
14. Malignant fibrous histiocytoma (pleomorphic undifferentiated sarcoma)
15. Benign lipomatous tumors
16. Liposarcoma
17. Benign tumors of smooth muscle
18. Leiomyosarcoma
19. Extragastrointestinal stromal tumors
20. Rhabdomyoma
21. Rhabdomyosarcoma
22. Benign tumors and tumor-like lesions of blood vessels
23. Hemangioendothelioma: vascular tumors of intermediate malignancy
24. Malignant vascular tumors
25. Tumors of lymph vessels
26. Perivascular tumors
27. Benign tumors and tumor-like lesions of synovial tissue
28. Mesothelioma
29. Benign tumors of peripheral nerves
30. Malignant nerve sheath tumors
31. Primitive neuroectodermal tumors and related lesions
32. Paraganglioma
33. Cartilaginous soft tissue tumors
34. Osseous soft tissue tumors
35. Benign soft tissue tumors and pseudotumors of uncertain type
36. Miscellaneous tumors of intermediate malignancy
37. Malignant soft tissue tumors of uncertain type

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