Diagnostic Imaging of the Hand

The new standard for radiologists and surgeons. With its complex anatomy and specialized biomechanics, the human hand has always presented physicians with a unique challenge when it comes to diagnosing and treating the diseases that afflict it. And while recent decades have seen a rapid increase in the number of therapeutic options, many diseases and injuries of the hand are still commonly misinterpreted. In "Diagnostic Imaging of the Hand", an interdisciplinary team, comprising specialists in radiology, surgery, and rheumatology, presents a comprehensive, reliable guide to this topographically intricate area.

Highlights include:

More than 1,000 high-quality illustrations

All state-of-the-art imaging modalities -- including multiline spiral CR, with 2D displays and 3D reconstructions, and contrast -- enhanced MRI with multi-channel, phased-array coils

An overview of all currently used methods of examination

A detailed presentation of the anatomic and functional foundations necessary for diagnosis

Full coverage of all disorders of the hand

Systematic treatment of each disease's definition, pathogenesis, and clinical symptoms, according to a graduated diagnostic plan

Easy-to-use format, featuring crisp images and line drawings seamlessly integrated with concise text, summary tables, and handy checklists

A heavily cross-referenced appendix of differential diagnosis tables

Emphasis on interdisciplinary consultation throughout

Designed to help both radiologists and clinicians develop the most efficient and effective clinical strategies for their patients, "Diagnostic Imaging of the Hand" will leave specialists of all levels with a fresh appreciation for -- and a richer understanding of -- the expanding array of cutting-edge alternatives for diagnosing and treating disorders of the hand.

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Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Schmitt, Lanz
Pubblicato: 2007, approx 608 pp, approx 1157 illustrations
Casa Editrice: Thieme
ISBN: 9781588904539

Prezzo Scontato: € 179.95

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