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Since 1945, this classic reference has offered the world's most comprehensive coverage of all areas of interest to the radiologist who deals with children. The completely revised 11th edition continues this tradition of excellence. It covers anatomy, embryology, and physiology as well as all imaging modalities from x-ray to cutting-edge multislice cardiac CT, MRI, and CT-PET. You'll also find new sections on cardiac, pericardial, and abdominal imaging as well as interventional radiology. There is also an easy-access appendix of hard-to- find fast facts and measurements. This book truly is a must-have reference for any radiologist who works with pediatric patients.

"This great textbook continues to be the most comprehensive and complete reference guide in pediatric radiology. All radiologists involved in the care and imaging of children would benefit from this book. It should certainly be available in the library or reading rooms of every radiology department."—Academic Radiology, review of previous edition.

Key Features

Many non-radiologists discuss their goals for imaging and how we can help them.
State-of-the-art discussions of the latest imaging techniques help you determine the best modality for each patient.
More than 10,000 high-quality radiologic images—40% new to this edition—cover all the latest modalities.
Handy ";Teaching Boxes"; highlight key points in each chapter—giving you the information you need, fast.

New to this Edition

A new "Cardiac" section with chapters from cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, and radiologists, addresses all issues relevant to this challenging area.
A new "Interventional Radiology" section covers everything you need to know about today's interventional techniques.
New Associate Editors and many new contributors provide abundant fresh perspectives on the clinical problems you face.
A new organization makes key information easier to find.
Detailed videos and self-assessment questions online help you hone your interpretation skills.

Dettagli Articolo

Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Slovis Thomas L.
Pubblicato: 2008, 11th Edition, 3536 pages 3900 ills
Trim size 216 X 276 mm, Hardcover
Casa Editrice: Mosby
ISBN: 978-0-323-04520-9
Sommario: Section I: RADIATION EFFECTS
(Section Editors: Donald P. Frush, Thomas L. Slovis)
1: Biological Effects of Diagnostic Radiation on Children, Thomas L. Slovis, Donald P. Frush, Walter E. Berdon, and Eric J. Hall 2: The Acute and Late Biological Effects of Radiation Therapy in the Management of Childhood Cancer, Nicole Larrier, Theodore Lawrence, and Edward Halperin
(Section Editors: Dorothy I. Bulas, Thomas L. Slovis)
Part I: Overview
3: Overview, Dorothy I. Bulas, and Thomas L. Slovis
Part II: Prenatal and Neonatal Airway
4: Anatomy, Embryology, Physiology of the Airway, Mary P. Bedard 5: Prenatal Diagnosis and Treatment of the Face, Neck, and Airway, Dorothy Bulas and Diana Farmer 6: Congenital Anomalies and Acquired Lesions of the Neonatal Airway, Thomas L. Slovis and Richard M. Shore
Part III: Fetal and Neonatal Lung and Thorax
7: Anatomy, Embryology, Physiology, Mary P. Bedard 8: Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy of Chest Anomalies, Dorothy Bulas and Diana Farmer 9: Congenital and Acquired Lesions (Most Causing Respiratory Distress) of the Neonatal Lung & Thorax, Thomas L. Slovis and Dorothy Bulas 10: Tumor, Tumor-Like Conditions (Masses) and Miscellaneous Lesions, Thomas L. Slovis and Dorothy Bulas
Part IV: Prenatal and Neonatal Abdominal, Pelvic and Retroperitoneal Imaging
11: Embryology, Anatomy, and Physiology of the Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Tracts, Mary P. Bedard and David A. Bloom 12: Prenatal diagnosis and therapy of abdominal, pelvic and retroperitoneal abnormalities, Dorothy Bulas and Diana Farmer 13: Indications and Techniques for Neonatal Abdominal Imaging, David A. Bloom, Thomas L. Slovis and Richard M. Shore 14: Congenital Anomalies of the Gastrointestinal Tract, David A. Bloom and Thomas L. Slovis 15: Congenital and Acquired Abnormalities of the Liver and Biliary System, Thomas L. Slovis, Richard M. Shore, and David A. Bloom 16: Tumors and Tumor-Like Conditions of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Liver, and Biliary System, Thomas L. Slovis and David A. Bloom 17: Necrotizing Enterocolitis, David A. Bloom and Thomas L. Slovis 18: Miscellaneous Conditions of the Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Systems, David A. Bloom and Thomas L. Slovis 19: Dilated Urinary Tract, David A. Bloom 20: Tumors and Tumor-Like Conditions of the Urinary Tract, David A. Bloom 21: Vascular Diseases of the Kidneys, David A. Bloom 22: Urinary Tract Infection, David A. Bloom 23: Miscellaneous Renal and Bladder or Urinary Tract Disorders, David A. Bloom 24: The Adrenal Gland, Alan Daneman and Jeffrey Traubici 25: The Genital Tract, David A. Bloom
Part V: Prenatal and Neonatal Diseases of the Heart and Great Vessels
26: Embryology, Physiology, and Anatomy of the Fetal Heart, Craig A. Sable 27: Prenatal Diagnosis and Treatment of Congenital Heart Disease, Craig A. Sable and Mary Donofrio 28: Neonatal Congenital Heart Disease Requiring Intervention in the First 28 Days, Richard A. Humes, Henry L. Walters III, and Thomas L. Slovis
Part VI: Prenatal and Neonatal Central Nervous System Diseases
29: Embryology and Anatomy of the Central Nervous System, Thomas L. Slovis and Dorothy Bulas 30: Prenatal diagnosis of CNS anomalies, Dorothy Bulas 31: Neonatal Brain Imaging, Thomas L. Slovis, Dorothy I. Bulas, and Marvin D. Nelson 32: Embryology, Anatomy, and Physiology of the Spine, Erin Simon Schwartz 33: Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy of Fetal Spine Anomalies, Erin Simon Schwartz, Diana L. Farmer 34: Ultrasound of the Neonatal Spinal Canal, Dorothy I. Bulas, and Thomas L. Slovis
(Section Editor: Eric N. Faerber)
Part I: Overview
35: Overview, Eric N. Faerber and Thomas L. Slovis
Part II: The Skull
36: Anatomy of the Skull, Thomas L. Slovis 37: Craniosynostosis, Selected Craniofacial Syndromes and Other Abnormalities of the Skull, Thomas L. Slovis, Arlene A. Rozzelle, and William H. McAlister 38: Traumatic Lesions of the Skull, Thomas L. Slovis 39: Infections of the Calvarium, William H. McAlister 40: Neoplasms and Neoplasm-Like Lesions of the Skull, Thomas L. Slovis
Part III: The Face and Cranial Structures
41: The Orbit, Eric N. Faerber, Tina Young Poussaint, and Marvin D. Nelson 42: The Nose, Thomas L. Slovis 43: The Sinuses, Moira L. Cooper and Thomas L. Slovis 44: Temporal Bone and Ear, Eric N. Faerber, Timothy N. Booth, and Joel D. Swartz 45: The Mandible, Thomas L. Slovis
Part IV: The Brain
46: Introduction, Eric Faerber 47: Imaging Modalities, Eric N. Faerber, Dorothy I. Bulas, Kim M. Cecil, Otto Muzik, and Harry T. Chugani 48: Congenital Abnormalities, Eric N. Faerber 49: Inherited Metabolic and Neurodegenerative Brain Disorders, Eric N. Faerber and Kim M. Cecil 50: Pediatric Head Trauma, John C. Egelhoff and Marguerite M. Carè 51: Infections, Avrum N. Pollock, Stephen M. Henesch, and Lucy B. Rourke-Adams 52: Intracranial Neoplasms, Kathleen H. Helton, R. Grant Steen 53: Intracranial Vascular Abnormalities, Thomas L. Slovis, Christie J. Becker, Derek Armstrong 54: Stroke, Pallavi Sagar and Ellen Grant 55: Hydrocephalus, Swati Mody, Sandeep Sood, and Thomas L. Slovis
Part V: The Vertebrae
56: The Normal Vertebrae, Thomas L. Slovis 57: Congenital Malformations, James F. Mooney III and Thomas L. Slovis 58: Vertebral Trauma, James W. Backstrom and Joseph J. Junewick 59: Infections of the Vertebrae and Disk Spaces, John J. Crowley, Thomas L. Slovis, James F. Mooney III 60: Neoplasms of the Vertebrae, John Strain and Jerald P. Kuhn 61: Miscellaneous Spinal Disorders, Thomas L. Slovis and James F. Mooney III
Part VI: Spinal Cord
62: Imaging Modalities, Erin Simon Schwartz 63: Congenital abnormalities of the pediatric spine, Kevin R. Moore 64: Trauma, Gary L. Hedlund 65: Spinal Cord Infections,Avrum N. Pollock and Stephen M. Henesch 66: Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions, Gary L. Hedlund, Eric Faerber, and Joseph Piatt 67: Vascular Lesions, Gary L. Hedlund
(Section Editor: Brent H. Adler)
Part I: Overview
68: Overview, Brent H. Adler and Eric L. Effman
Part II: The Neck
69: Neck and Upper Airway, Luisa F. Cervantes, L. Santiago Medina, Eric L. Effmann
Part III: The Airway
70: Larynx and Cervical Trachea, Ronald A. Cohen and Jerald P. Kuhn
Part IV: The Lungs
71: Normal Lung and Clinical Anatomy, Eric L. Effmann 72: Congenital Lung Malformations, Eric L. Effmann 73: Diseases of the Bronchi and Pulmonary Aeration, Frederick R. Long, Stephen M. Druhan 74: Interstitial Lung Disease, Frederick R. Long 75: Pneumonia and Pulmonary Infection, Brent Adler and Eric L. Effmann 76: Immune Disorders, Brent Adler, Eric L. Effmann 77: Systemic Disease and Other Miscellaneous Conditions with Lung Involvement, Julie Currie O'Donovan, Eric L. Effman and Jerald P. Kuhn 78: Lung Masses, Beverley Newman and Eric L. Effmann
Part V: The Mediastinum
79: Mediastinum, Larry Binkovitz, Issac Binkovitz and Jerald P. Kuhn
Part VI: The Chest Wall, Pleura, and Diaphragm
80: Chest Wall, Jerry Dwek and Eric L. Effman 81: Pleura, Jerry Dwek and Jerald P. Kuhn 82: Diaphragm, Jerry Dwek and Jerald P. Kuhn
(Section Editor: Donald P. Frush)
Part I: Introduction
83: Overview, Donald P. Frush and Virgil Condon 84: The Chest X-ray in Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease, J.A. Gordon Culham and John B. Mawson 85: Pediatric Cardiothoracic CT Angiography, Donald P. Frush 86: Magnetic resonance imaging for congenital heart disease, S. Bruce Greenberg 87: Echocardiography, J. René Herlong 88: Nuclear Cardiology, Jan Stauss and S. Ted Treves 89: Introductory Cardiac Embryology, J. René Herlong
Part II: Congenital Heart Disease
90: Systemic to Pulmonary Arterial Shunts, Cynthia K. Rigsby 91: Right Heart Lesions, Ellen C. Benya and Cynthia K. Rigsby 92: Left Heart Lesions, Cynthia K. Rigsby and Mary R. Wyers 93: Abnormalities of the Great Artery Origins, Mary R. Wyers 94: Congenital Great Vessel Abnormalities, Frandics P. Chan, Richard B. Jaffee, Virgil R. Condon, Donald P. Frush 95: Syndromes and Chromosomal Anomalies, Alexander J. Towbin, Beverley Newman
Part III: Acquired Cardiovascular Disease
96: Myocardial and Valvular Diseases, Ana Maria Gaca, Jeffrey G. Gaca 97: Pericardial Disease, Charles M. Maxfield 98: Coronary Artery Disease in Children, Frandics P. Chan and Tamer El-Helw 99: Acquired Great Vessel Abnormalities, Frandics P. Chan and F. Daniel Donovan 100: Cardiac Involvement by Systemic Diseases, Alexander J. Towbin and Beverley Newman 101: Cardiac Tumors, S. Bruce Greenberg and Cathy MacDonald
Part IV: Interventional Procedures
102: Pediatric Electrophysiology, Ronald J. Kanter 103: Surgical Considerations for Congenital Heart Defects, Sitaram Emani, James Jaggers, and Andrew J. Lodge 104: Introduction to Congenital Cardiovascular Catheterization, John F. Rhodes and Jeffrey W. Delaney
(Section Editors: Brian D. Coley, Marta Hernanz-Schulman)
Part I: Overview
105: Overview, Marta Hernanz-Schulman and Brian D. Coley
Part II: Imaging Techniques
106: Gastrointestinal Tract, Marta Hernanz-Schulman and Stephanie Spottswood 107: Genitourinary Diagnostic Procedures, Adam S. Young, Larry A. Binkovitz, and Brian D. Coley 108: Oncology: Imaging GI and GU Tumors, Sue C. Kaste
Part III: Abdominal Wall and Peritoneal Cavity
109: Abdominal Wall and its Abnormalities, Sue C. Kaste 110: The Peritoneal Cavity, Sue C. Kaste
Part IV: Hepatobiliary System
111: Introduction to the Hepatobiliary System, Lisa H. Lowe and Alan E. Schlesinger 112: Congenital Abnormalities, Lisa H. Lowe and Alan E. Schlesinger 113: Infections of the Liver, Lisa H. Lowe and Alan E. Schlesinger 114: Diffuse Parenchymal Disease, Lisa H. Lowe 115: Vascular abnormalities of the liver, Tamar Ben-Ami 116: Acquired Biliary Tract Disease, Lisa H. Lowe and Alan E. Schlesinger 117: Hepatic Tumors and Tumor Like Conditions, Charlotte Waugh Moore and Lisa H. Lowe 118: Liver Transplantation in Children, Tamar Ben-Ami
Part V: The Spleen
119: The Spleen, Stephanie E. Spottswood, Sharon M. Stein and Jeanne G. Hill
Part VI: The Pancreas
120: The Pancreas, Sue C. Kaste
Part VII: The Esophagus
121: The Normal Esophagus, Henrique M. Lederman and Guilherme T. S. Demarchi 122: Congenital Esophageal Malformations, Henrique M. Lederman and Guilherme T. S. Demarchi 123: Disorders of Deglutition, Peristalsis and the Velopharyngeal Portal, Henrique M. Lederman and Guilherme T. S. Demarchi 124: Acquired Esophageal Lesions, Henrique M. Lederman and Guilherme T. S. Demarchi 125: Disorders of the Esophagogastric Junction, Henrique M. Lederman and Guilherme T. S. Demarchi 126: Miscellaneous Esophageal Abnormalities, Henrique M. Lederman and Guilherme T. S. Demarchi
Part VIII: The Stomach
127: The Stomach : Normal anatomy and Imaging Techniques, Marta Hernanz-Schulman and Alan E. Schlesinger 128: Congenital Gastric Abnormalities, Marilyn J. Goske 129: Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis, Marilyn J. Goske and Alan E. Schlesinger 130: Gastritis, Gastropathy and Ulcer Disease, Marilyn J. Goske 131: Tumors and Tumor-Like Conditions, Bezoars and Varices, Marilyn J. Goske and Alan E. Schlesinger
Part IX: The Duodenum & Small Intestine
132: Normal Anatomy and Imaging Techniques, Alan E. Schlesinger and Kimberly Applegate 133: Duodenum: Congenital Anomalies, Alan E. Schlesinger 134: Duodenum: Aquired Obstruction, Alan E. Schlesinger 135: Duodenum: Inflammatory Conditions, Alan E. Schlesinger 136: Duodenum: Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions, Alan E. Schlesinger 137: Small Intestine, Richard I. Markowitz, Marta Hernanz-Schulman 138: Small Intestine: Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions, Alan E. Schlesinger
Part X: The Colon
139: Normal Anatomy and Congenital Disorders, Marta Hernanz-Schulman 140: Functional Disorders, Kimberly E. Applegate and Marta Hernanz-Schulman 141: Intussusception, Kimberly E. Applegate 142: Inflammatory and Infectious Diseases, Kimberly E. Applegate 143: Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions, Alan E. Schlesinger
Part XI: The Adrenal and Retroperitoneum
144: The Adrenal and Retroperitoneum, Alan Daneman, Oscar Navarro, Jack O. Haller
Part XII: The Kidney
145: Normal Renal Anatomy, Variants, and Congenital Anomalies, Sandra K. Fernbach and Kate A. Feinstein 146: Infections, Sandra K. Fernbach 147: Urolithiasis and Nephrocalcinosis, Robert Wells 148: Renal Neoplasms, Kate A. Feinstein 149: Renal Failure and Transplantation, Brian D. Coley and Boris Brkljacic 150: Renal Vascular Disorders, Robert Wells
Part XIII: Lower Urinary Tract
151: The Ureter and Vesicoureteral Reflux, Riccabona Michael
Part XIV: The Bladder and Urethra
152: The Bladder and Urethra, D. Gregory Bates
Part XV: The Reproductive Organs
153: Anomalies of Sex Differentiation, Harris L. Cohen 154: Abnormalities of the Male Genital Tract, Harris L. Cohen 155: Abnormalities of the Female Genital Tract, Harris L. Cohen 156: Abnormalities of Puberty and Amenorrhea, Harris L. Cohen
Part XVI: Abdominal Trauma
157: Abdominal Trauma, Carlos J. Sivit
(Section Editor: Peter J. Strouse)
Part I: Overview of Musculoskeletal Imaging
158: Overview, Peter J. Strouse
Part II: Imaging of the Soft Tissues
159: The Soft Tissues, Kathleen H. Emery 160: Soft Tissue Neoplasms, James S. Meyer and Barry D. Fletcher 161: Vascular Anomalies of the Soft Tissues, Karin L. Hoeg and Denise Adams
Part III: Normal Anatomy
162: Normal Anatomy, Growth and Development, Peter J. Strouse and Theodore E. Keats 163: Anatomic Variants, Theodore E. Keats and Peter J. Strouse
Part IV: Congenital Malformations
164: Congenital Malformations of Bone, Tal Laor 165: Skeletal Dysplasias, Ralph S. Lachman 166: Selected Syndromes and Chromosomal Disorders, William H. McAlister, Thomas E. Herman,and Keith A. Kronemer
Part V: Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders
167: Metabolic Bone Disease, Richard M. Shore 168: Endocrine Disorders, Richard M. Shore 169: Bone Mineral Density Assessment, Sue C. Kaste
Part VI: Trauma
170: Skeletal Trauma, Peter J. Strouse 171: Child Abuse, Danielle K. B. Boal 172: Sports-Related Injury in Children, Kirsten Ecklund
Part VII: Osteochondroses
173: Osteochondroses, Jennifer D. Smith and Diego Jaramillo
Part VIII: Disorders in Alignment
174: Alignment Disorders, Peter J. Strouse and H. Theodore Harcke
Part IX: Infections
175: Infections in Bone, E. Michel Azouz
Part X: Bone Tumors
176: Benign and Malignant Bone Tumors, Sue C. Kaste, Peter J. Strouse, Barry D. Fletcher, and Michael D. Neel
Part XI: Bone Marrow
177: Imaging of Normal and Abnormal Bone Marrow, R. Paul Guillerman
Part XII: Bone Changes in Diseases of Blood
178: Bone Changes in Hematologic Diseases, Peter J. Strouse
Part XIII: The Joints
179: The Joints, Marilyn D.E. Ranson and Paul S. Babyn 180: Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip, Michael A. DiPietro and H. Theodore Harcke
(Section Editor: James S. Donaldson)
Part I: Patient Management
181: Patient Management, Stanley Kim, Martha Saker, and James S. Donaldson
Part II: Respiratory
182: Empyema and Thoracic Abscess Drainage, G. Peter Feola 183: Bronchial Artery Embolization, G. Peter Feola
Part III: Neuroradiology
184: Neurological Interventions, Derek Armstrong
Part IV: Heart, Great Vessels, and Vascular Access
185: Pediatric Vascular Procedures: Arterial and Venous, James S. Donaldson 186: Vascular Anomalies in Children, Josée Dubois 187: Vasculitis in Children and Adolescents, Frank P. Morello
Part V: Abdomen and Gastrointestinal Tract
188: Image Guided Biopsy in Pediatric Patients, Brian E. Schirf, Stanley T. Kim, and James S. Donaldson 189: Gastrostomies & Gastrojejunostomies in Children, Bairbre Connolly 190: Drainage of Infected Abdominal Fluid Collections, Mark J. Hogan 191: Interventional Radiology of the Liver and Biliary System, James S. Donaldson and Cynthia K. Rigsby
Part VI: Urinary Tract and Retroperitoneum
192: Pediatric Genitourinary Intervention, Mary Beth Moore and Charles A. James 193: Interventional radiology of renovascular hypertension, Clare A. McLaren and Derek J. Roebuck
Part VII: Musculoskeletal
194: Pediatric Musculoskeletal Interventional Procedures, John M. Racadio
(Section Editor: David A. Bloom)
Appendix A: General Pediatric Information
Appendix B: Radiation Effects
Appendix C: Prenatal and Neonatal Imaging
Appendix D: Neuroradiology
Appendix E: The Respiratory System
Appendix F: The Heart and Great Vessels
Appendix G: The Abdomen, Pelvis, and Retroperitoneum
Appendix H: The Musculoskeletal System
Appendix I: Pediatric Interventional Radiology

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