Atlas of Microsurgery of the Lateral Skull Base

Recent advances in skull base surgery are revolutionizing the field. Besides the critical location issue, the major problem in lateral skull base surgery is understanding the complex relations between the different structures of the region, requiring a deep knowledge of anatomy.

Here is an enlarged new edition of the first full-color atlas to present a variety of step-by-step approaches to the temporal bone and lateral skull base. Each sequence is illustrated with images of cadaver specimens that show the extradural and intradural parts, including cerebral vessels and nerves. A unique demonstration of three-dimensional anatomy of the surgical field as seen by the surgeon adds to the realistic quality of the book. Indications, pearls, and pitfalls, gained through the authors' actual clinical experience, complete this masterful work.

Dettagli Articolo

Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Sanna, Saleh, Khrais, Russo, Mancini, Taibah
Pubblicato: 2008, 2nd edition, 376 pp, 1189 illustrations
Casa Editrice: Thieme
ISBN: 9781588900111

Prezzo Scontato: € 179.00

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