A Colour Atlas of Foot and Ankle Disorders

Lavishly illustrated with over 500 superb colour photographs, practical and extensive in its coverage, this Colour Atlas of Foot and Ankle Disorders gives a clear pictorial account of all the major foot and ankle presentations. The accompanying text highlights the salient diagnostic features and treatment options. The logical structure and many useful tips throughout the Colour Atlas make it a highly accessible, attractive and uniquely relevant companion to both practice and study. Practising and student podiatrists, as well as other healthcare professionals involved in care of the foot, can improve their insight into a range of foot and ankle disorders, while at the same time enhancing their diagnostic skills and increasing their awareness of therapeutic choices.


"This is a remarkable title with great production values and is a completely novel book within podiatry. It strikes me that would be a useful reference for most students or practitioners and would be especially helpful as a resource for anyone involved in teaching, lecturing or providing clinical updates. I am particularly impressed that the images were obtained specifically for the book, as most practitioners would not compile a library such as this in an entire career. The authors must have gone to enormous lengths to put such a comprehensive atlas together. The book is sensibly subdivided into problems associated with broad areas of disease and again the authors are to be commended on the breadth of disorders covered. The book has three or four, large-scale, full-colour images on each of its 160 pages, all annotated with enough information to provide clinical relevance without bombarding the reader with great tracts of theory and technical background. This is a book that the interested practitioner could leaf through to revise (or perhaps see for the first time) some of the rarer presentations that might be encountered in the clinic, and it would serve equally well as a reference text for those visual clinical conundrums seen from time to time." Arthritis Research Campaign Lecturer School of Medicine, University of Leeds


• Lavishly illustrated with over 500 superb colour photographs • Written by a podiatrist and consultant physician with many years’ experience in the field. • Clear accompanying text with useful boxes containing hints, definitions, and clinical tips. • All common podiatric presentations in clinic covered

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Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Foster, Edmonds
Pubblicato: 2007, Hardback · 196 Pages · 520 Illustrations
Casa Editrice: Elsevier-Churchill Livingstone
ISBN: 0443102074

Prezzo Scontato: € 77.00

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