Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Geared to physiatrists and sports medicine physicians, this book is a practical guide to the rehabilitation of sport injuries. It focuses on specific sports and describes a variety of popular sports in sufficient depth so that physicians can confidently diagnose and treat patients injured during each sport. The authors focus on conservative management of injuries, so that physicians can maximize nonsurgical options before resorting to surgery. The book explains the mechanism of each injury and offers strategies for evaluating patients and preparing them to return to play. Numerous illustrations complement the text.

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Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Buschbacher R., Prahlow N., Shashank J.d.
Sottotitolo: A Sports Specific Approach
Pubblicato: 2008, second edition
Casa Editrice: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 9780781777452
Sommario: SECTION I

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation
John L. Turner

Sports Psychology: Psychological Concepts and Interventions
Chris Carr

Tissue Injury and Healing
Matthew Smuck and Sara Christensen

The Sports Medicine Approach to Musculoskeletal Medicine
Tony Margherita

Stretching and Injury Prevention
Vicki L. Voils and Nathan D. Prahlow

Performance Enhancing Sports Supplements
Jeff Fields and John L. Turner


Baseball Injuries
Lance A. Rettig and Mark Ritter

Racket Sports Injuries
Neeru Jayanthi and Jay V. Subbarao

Golf Injuries
Andrea L. Aagesen and Shashank J. Dave

Swimming and Diving Injuries
Kevin M. Marberry and Dawn Schisler

Road Cycling Injuries
Julia J. Walker and Shashank J. Dave

Mountain Biking Injuries
Matthew Smuck

Football Injuries
Gerard A. Malanga, Jason Peter, and Dennis A. Bandemer

Soccer Injuries
Elizabeth A. Grossart and Johnny G. Owens

Running Injuries
Michael Khazzam and Kevin M. Marberry

Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries
Peter W. Bailey and Andrea J. Boon

Gymnastic Injuries
Grant Lloyd Jones, Todd Clinton Miller, and Donald C. LeMay

Basketball Injuries
Meenakshi Garg, Peter I. Sallay, and Patti Hunker

Volleyball Injuries
Nathan Prahlow

Weight Training Injuries
Jess D. Salinas, Jr.


Women's Musculoskeletal Issues
Gary P. Chimes

Musculoskeletal Problems in the Elderly
Nabiha Gill

Exercise in Medical Illness
Angela T.Carbone and Albert Singh

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