Textbook of Dermatologic Surgery

The dynamic nature of the medical sciences presents a constant challenge for the dermatologist, but the past 25
years have necessitated a shift in approach to the profession. With the increasing influx of biological data,
and developments in diagnostic and treatment techniques, our armamentarium has expanded to treat an
increasing number of pathologies and enabled the vast advancement in corrective procedures. In addition, the
recent prevalence of tumor pathologies––in particular, the tumors of the skin––has resulted in a growing
number of patients to seek out the dermatologist for treatment.
Dermatologists are now required to continually update their knowledge of and techniques in dermatological
surgery. As many as 350 pathologies can now be treated by surgery. Also dermatologists are now dealing with
an increasing number of cosmetic surgery treatments, which require the use of several devices (eg, lasers,
ultrasounds, and radiofrequencies, etc.). Such high-tech devices, and their evident biological action, can
only be properly used by dermatologists after having acquired the proper expertise. Many countries all
over the world have developed communities: national societies, conferences, and educational outlets, to
address these surgical topics. This textbook was written in the spirit of these dermatological communities;
as a tool to improve surgical knowledge and technique; and, mostly, to assist the dermatologist in meeting
the rising medical needs of today’s patient.

Luigi Rusciani
Perry Robins

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Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Rusciani, Robins

Pubblicato: 2008, 2 volumes, 960 pages, illustrated in color
Casa Editrice: Piccin
ISBN: 978-88-299-1898-0

Prezzo Scontato: € 370.00

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