CT and MR Angiography

Written by world-renowned experts in both CT angiography and MR angiography, this landmark work is the first comprehensive text on vascular imaging using CT and MR. It provides a balanced view of the capabilities of these modalities and practical guidelines for obtaining and interpreting images. More than 2,200 illustrations complement the text.

Chapters co-authored by CT and MR authorities cover imaging of all coronary and non-coronary arteries and veins. Each chapter details indications, imaging strategies, normal and variant anatomy, diseases, surgical management, and pitfalls. The authors compare the utility of CT and MR in specific clinical situations and discuss the role of conventional angiography and ultrasound where appropriate.

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Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Rubin G.D. MD, Rofsky N.M. MD
Sottotitolo: Comprehensive Vascular
Assessment Hardbound
Pubblicato: December 2007 - Pages: 1336 - Illustrations: 2230 - Trim Size: 8.5 x 11
Casa Editrice: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 0-7817-4525-X
Technique of CT Angiography
Matthias Prokop
Physical Principles of MR Angiography
Frank R. Korosec
Conventional Angiography in the Noninvasive Era
Daniel Y. Sze
Contrast Medium Administration: CT Angiography
Dominik Fleischmann
Contrast Administration: MR Angiography
Jeffrey H. Maki and Lee M. Mitsumori
Image Processing and Presentation
Geoffrey D. Rubin
Atherosclerosis: Epidemiology and Pathophysiology
Seung Uk Lee, Joanna J. Wykrzykowska, and Roger J. Laham
Atherosclerosis: In Vivo Characterization Using CT and MR
Alexander W. Leber, Venkatesh Mani, Juan Gilberto S. Aguinaldo, and Zahi A. Fayad
Andrzej Szuba
Vasculitides and CTD
Andrzej Szuba
Cerebral Artery and Vein
Stephan Wetzel
Patrick Turski
Thoracic Aorta
Geoffrey D. Rubin and Neil M. Rofsky
Coronary Calcium
Jeffrey Carr
Coronary Arteries
Christoph Becker and Warren Manning
Congenital Anomalies of the Great Vessels
Frandics Chan, Jay Earls, and Marilyn Siegel
Jim Meaney and Joseph Schoepf
Abdominal Aorta
Dennis Foley and Scott Pereles
Mesenteric Arteries and Portal Venous System
R. Brooke Jeffrey, Jr., Christoph Herborn, and Stefan Ruehm
Renal Arteries
Stefan Schoenberg
Lower Extremity PVD
Dominik Fleischmann, Tim Leiner, and Neil M. Rofsky
Upper Extremities
Tim Leiner, Hollis Potter, Neil M. Rofsky, and Geoffrey D. Rubin
Pediatric/Vascular Malformations
Pat Burrows and Kara Hopkins
Systemic Veins
Ivan Pedrosa, Marc Gosselin, and Neil M. Rofsky

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