Ultrasound in Anesthetic Practice

Ultrasound is now an accessible tool for all clinicians and healthcare professionals, facilitating safe, easy, quick and non-invasive examination of organs. This practical text explains the benefits of ultrasound for • vascular access • local anesthetic blocks • cardiac and oesophageal assessment • trauma and intensive care practice • neonatal and obstetric practice • ophthalmic disorders • soft tissue injuries The companion DVD contains over 700 still and video clips, allowing the reader to view ultrasound sequences while reading the relevant chapter. Written by ultrasound experts, Ultrasound in Anesthetic Practice is the perfect introductory text for all anaesthetists and any trainee or medical student who needs a step-by-step guide to how ultrasound works, how to use it themselves, how to get the best images and when to ask a sonographer for help.

Dettagli Articolo

Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Graham A., Barry N.
Pubblicato: December 2008, 214 pages, 120 b/w illus.,
Dimensions: 246 x 189 mm
Casa Editrice: Cambridge
ISBN: 9780521716239
Sommario: Preface
1. Physical principles of medical ultrasound Graham Arthurs, Trevor Frankel and Patrick Hill
2. Ultrasound to aid vascular access Philip Haslam
3. Diagnostic echocardiography Tom Ingram
4. The role of echocardiography in the haemodynamically unstable patient in critical care and the operating theatre Julian Skoyles and Henry Skinner
5. Transoesophageal diagnostic Doppler monitoring Robert Kong
6. Ultrasound in the intensive care unit John Oram and Andy Bodenham
7. Ultrasound in the traumatised patient and the acute abdomen Sapna Puppala, Vishwanath Acharya and David Parker
8. Ultrasound to aid local anaesthetic nerve blocks in adults Barry Nicholls, Stephan Kapral and Peter Marhofer
9. Ultrasound to aid local anaesthetic nerve blocks in children Amy Walker and Steve Roberts
10. Cranial ultrasound in the newborn Owen Arthurs
11. Ultrasound in acute gynaecology and pregnancy assessment William Taylor
12. Ultrasound in ophthalmic anaesthesia Chandra Kumar
13. Ultrasound in assessing soft tissue injury Geoff Hide

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