Pain Management and Sedation

This thorough and informative text provides ready, expert answers to both everyday questions and to the often challenging, complex, and diverse issues that arise around pain management and sedation in the emergency department. Written by three leading authorities, Pain Management and Sedation provides in-depth, yet practical and easy-to-find guidance on relieving the complaint that brings more than 50% of patients to emergency care. A groundbreaking work, it is the first text to treat this important subject in depth from the emergency room perspective.

Covering every aspect of the subject, Pain Management and Sedation offers

Step-by-step guidance on approaches to patients, from preprocedure through discharge
System-by-system patient evaluation protocols
In-depth coverage of specific techniques, from conscious sedation through iontophoresis
Drug-class by drug-class guidance on pharmacologic agents
Specific guidance on pediatric, geriatric, pregnant, neonatal, and other patients with special considerations
Coverage of useful techniques such as TENS, hypnosis, psychologic approaches, and other nonpharmacologic interventions
Expert advice on key policy, administrative, and legal concerns

Patient assessment protocols
Drug regulations
Drug-seeking patients
Local and regional anesthesia
Conscious sedation
Drug therapeutics, with dosage charts
Patients with special considerations
Anxiety relief
Nonpharmacologic interventions
Legal and administrative issues

Dettagli Articolo

Tipologia: Libro
Autore: Mace S., Ducharme J., Murphy M.F.
Sottotitolo: Emergency Department Management
Pubblicato: 2005 Paperback, 544 pages
Casa Editrice: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0071442022
Sommario: Section I: ADMINISTRATIVE

1. History/Background
2. Definitions
3. Regulations
4. Documentation/Standardized Forms
5. Quality Improvement/Risk Management6. Legal Aspects
7. Policies and Procedures


1. Preprocedural Patient
2. American Society of Anesthesia (ASA) Classifications
3. Pain Scales
4. Equipment
5. Procedural Patient Assessment and Monitoring
a. Airway
b. Respiratory
c. Cardiovascular/Hemodynamics
d. Neurologic
6. Post Procedure Evaluation
a. Discharge Criteria Assessment of Patient Stability
b. Patient Discharge Instructions

1. Cardiovascular
2. Respiratory
3. Central Nervous System
4. Autonomic Nervous System
5. Renal
6. Hepatic


1. Conscious Sedation
2. Pain Management
a. Definition, acute vs chronic
b. Pathophysiology
c. The Drug Seeking Patient
3. Regional Anesthesia
4. Nerve Blocks
5. Local Anesthesia
a. Topicals
1. Vapocoolant sprays
2. Creams: EMLA, Eutetic, elemax
3. Combination Solutions: Tac, LET
b. Injectables
1. Amides
2. Esters
3. Long acting vs short acting
4. Others: Benadryl
c. Iontophoresis (numby)


1. Muscle Relaxants
2. Neuromuscular Blockers
3. Adjunctive Medications
a. Atropine/Glycopyrolate
b. Lidocaine
c. Others
4. Reversal Agents
a. Naloxone/Naltrexone
b. Flumazenil
5. Agents for Conscious Sedation (Sedative Drugs)
a. Propofol
b. Etomide
c. DPT
d. Chloral Hydrate
e. Barbiturates
f. Benzodiazepines
g. Ketamine
6. Pain Medications
a. Opoids
b. Nonsteroidal
c. Acetaminophen
d. Others
7. Anesthetics
a. Inhalant anesthetics
b. Nitrous oxide


1. Devices
a. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
b. Continuous Infusions
2. Palliative Care
3. Pediatrics
a. Pediatrics
b. Neonates
c. Children with Special Health Care Needs
4. Geriatrics
5. The Pregnant Patient
6. Nonpharmacologic Interventions
a. Hypnosis
b. Psychologic Techniques

Biographical note
Sharon E. Mace, MD, Director, Observation Unit, and Director, Pediatric Education, Department of Emergency Medicine, The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
Dr. Mace and her colleagues at Cleveland Clinic are the recipients of several NIH grants to study pain management in the ED; this is an outgrowth of their work in chest pain/cardiovascular disease in the ED.

James B. Ducharme, MD, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Dalhousie University, New Brunswick, Canada
As one of the “gurus” of pain management in the ED, Dr. Ducharme is a frequent lecturer in the US and Canada. Dr. Ducharme has organized the pain management sessions at the ACEP National Scientific Assembly the last 2 years.

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